external image PowerPoint%202007-icon.pngPowerPoint and Cyber Safety A look at how you can use powerpoint with your teaching. Learn how to create slides, insert text, animate and even insert movies. This session will also cover cybersafety and give you some resources to help cover the issue in your class.

What we are going to do in Today's Session
Due to differences in ability and use of PowerPoint I have uploaded various PowerPoint files with instuctions according to each subheading.Choose one of the areas below that you want to work on and follow the instructions.
If there are any other areas that you need assistance with, ask Joy or I for assistance.

Creating a Simple PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides instructions on the following:

  • Themes
  • Modifying Text
  • Adding a Picture
  • Adjusting your Picture
  • Presenting your PowerPoint
  • Presenting only on your Projected Screen

Putting Animations into your PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides instructions on the following:
  • A bit about Animations
  • Adding Slide Animations
  • Adding Animations WITHIN your slide
  • Custom Animation

Placing Audio in your PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides instructions on the following:

  • Placing sound/music from files into your PowerPoint
  • Placing pre-installed sounds into your PowerPoint

Placing Movies and Flash Animations in your PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides instructions on the following:

  • Getting Videos off youtube
  • Inserting Movies and Flash Animations (e.g Youtube Vids)

Cyber Safety

Best NZ site for all ages

A rap site which Pete has used with year 9 students

A useful site for schools when considering cybersafety issues

Other sites which may be of use to stimulate thinking and discussion on risks




Students could use cybersafety as a topic to create postcards, picture books, posters, cartoon strips, raps or poems etc. The main thing is that we get our students thinking about the risks, teach them what to beware of and how to protect themselves.


Thanks to Anna Winter, Leteisha Watts, and Gemma Dick for their assistance in creating the PowerPoints.