TimLearn 2010

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Collaborate, Create, Construct:
Trevor Storr

Make and share on online course. Use Educo the shared online environment of Aorakinet, Cantatech and Westnet to prepare an online course for your learners. Attendees will gain most benefit if they have digital teaching materials readily available for a unit of work.

Podcasting with Visuals: Andrew Douch
In this session Andrew will show how to make screecasts, vodcasts (video-podcasts) and enhanced podcasts using a range of simple tools. Each of these tools provide two great advantages: (1) they let teachers teach in new ways and/or at times that would be otherwise impractical and (2) they increase the human element of teaching by automating repetitive (but necessary) instruction thereby affording a teacher more class time for those activities that cannot be automated but require human interaction.

The Tools of Engagement: Andrew Douch
This workshop will explore easy-to-use online tools (web 2.0 tools) that Andrew has found to be simple, engaging and powerful yet inexpensive. Tomorrow, you could have your students use an ordinary telephone to record a podcast, participate in an online group conversation using VoiceThread, ask questions on a classroom backchannel, or collaborate on a document in real-time, and more! No matter what subject, or at what year level you teach, you are sure to discover a neat and engaging tool that you can take into your classroom the next lesson and start using.

E-portfolios: Pete Potter
Create an online space where students can showcase their work. An introduction to the myportfolio software that allows users to create ‘views’ where students can store their work and social network in a safe arena that is supported by the Ministry. The software is easy to use and allows teachers and students to access their e-portfolios anytime and anywhere.

Blogs for Beginners: Dave Thorpe
In this session, we will discuss how blogs could be useful to your curriculum delivery. We will look at some examples and then learn how to set up a
group blog. Timnet Blog

Mobile learning, iTunes and creating Podcasts: Martin Kane
Some great learning can take place with the tools kids carry in their pockets every day! We look at a couple of the mobile learning apps available. We also see and hear some of the exciting educational podcasts available on iTunes - before delving into the skills and tools to create our own. Bring along your own mp3 recordings (or use some supplied ones), stitch them together and shape them using Audacity. If time permits, we explore the process of submitting a podcast to iTunes. Bring your own wireless laptops - a CD of the necessary software (iTunes, Audacity, LAME for Audacity) will be supplied.

PowerPoint and Cyber Safety: Mary-Ellen Luyten and Joy O'Connor
A look at how you can use powerpoint with your teaching. Learn how to create slides, insert text, animate and even insert movies. This session will also cover cybersafety and give you some resources to help cover the issue in your class.
Click here to access info on this course - PowerPoint and Cyber Safety

Teaching with Photostory: Julie Brown
Julie Brown is the Lead Teacher from Gleniti Primary School and has lead the school through their ICT PD journey. She would like to show how she uses Photo Story as a tool for learning and how you can introduce it into your teaching. This will teach you the basics of Photo Story and give you the confidence to use with a class next week.

Make your Whiteboard Interactive: Robin Rush
Some local primary school teachers have found a cheaper alternative to make your standard whiteboard interactive. The presentation will show you the software and the hardware and also allow you to use the product. Make your teaching more interactive!

MovieMaker: Max Begley

This session will be involve just using the MovieMaker software to edit and create your movie with music. The file type will also be looked at and you will be shown how to convert your movie into a different format. You will be supplied with footage although are welcome to use your own.

Back to Basics: Barbara Morris and Shirley Abraham
File Management and Tips and tricks for using Microsoft Office 2007. If you are having problems coping with Office 2007 bring your queries along – maybe we can help.

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