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The ENGLISH department have been using Educo with their Year 11 students. Resources used throughout the year are uploaded to the site and can be accessed by all students. It has been used as a tool to assist with study due to the availablity of practice essay questions, exam questions, and further resources that aren't viable for printing. The students also find the glossary handy when learning the essential vocabulary for the subject. A plus is that the website can be used for years to come with little updating needed.


Towards the end of term one TGHS had an ICT sharing session. Joy O'Connor showed the staff the Timnet wiki site then Val Cameron demonstrated how she used Educo to teach her level 3 German students. A sample of one of her pages can be seen here.

Val has found this site so useful as her students can practise their language skills at home and she can keep track of how they are doing. All of her students use this site from home on a regular basis. Val found it time consuming to set up this resource but the activities and links have been well used by her students and she can see the benefits through her students accelerated improvement.

The LANGUAGES department have been ranked top in the country from using the site


The school's NETBALL team wiki. Used to get people to training and matches.
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A different use for a projector!

The DRAMA department has used a digital projector in two ways. Firstly to back light a play that was entirely silhouette (as seen in the photos). Secondly using back project to add scenery/backdrops to plays really cheaply.

Both methods worked effectively and went down well with the audience.


One of the SCIENCE teachers has used presentation software to introduce ideas and structure lessons.

The SCIENCE department are starting to use an LMS to facilitate their courses. This has included a course outline, homework sheets, a forum, worksheets and other interactive features.


In HISTORY the teachers have made their resources more interactive by using hyperlinks so that students can find pages with haste.