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Thursday, March 4

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    Joy O'Connor (TGHS)
    Joy O’Connor (TGHS)
    My best breakouts were:
    Tools for Schools: voice recognition, text to speech & word prediction products. Melanie Holland works as a technical advisor for MOE. She compared product capabilities of commercial and freeware programmes designed to help students with physical and/or specific learning needs. This was a hands on workshop where we were able to try out many of the programmes ourselves. My pics of the freeware we trialled were:
    Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 which is a voice recognition programme that can be used to input text and/or operate the computer totally hands free (after the computer is turned on) Vista has a vast array of voice commands not only to manipulate text within a document but also to move between documents, open windows, write emails & to operate your whole computer. It would be great for someone who has normal cognitive function but limited dexterity.
    I was also impressed with Wordtalk which uses a windows operating system and embeds into MS Word. Wordtalk highlights text when read, has a talking dictionary, saves to MP3 and wav. It recognises a question mark by raising the voice at the end of the question and it is easy to use.
    We were also given a 30 day trial of two word prediction programmes Texthelp & Kurzweil 3000.
    Principal IT Tools to Make Our Lives Easier presented by Mike Malcolm and Patrick Polland.
    Mike & Patrick both use OneNote and Outlook to manage their files, emails, meeting agendas etc. They had lots of tips and challenged the breakout attendees to trial their suggestions. Their notes on using OneNote can be found on
    Enhance Your Learning Programme with Free Resources and Offerings from Microsoft presented by Mark Woods
    This session was great but unfortunately it was only a taster. We were given a brief look at Virtual Earth, Worldwide Telescope, Autocollage, Pivot, Photosynth and Moviemaker. The demonstrations were inspiring and possibilities for student learning were seemingly endless. It was great stuff and if I ever get the chance to go to a hands on session so I can explore the programmes in more depth then I would definitely take it.
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Wednesday, March 3

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Tuesday, September 22

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